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Quantimetrica uses voice commands to control devices in ANY language easily and inexpensively. Internet-based voice control possesses security concerns as your private conversations travel over the internet and is limited to few languages.

Quantimetrica’s patent-pending technology has numerous local voice control applications and could replace/complement aforementioned offerings securely.

The team includes experienced professionals among them a former Apple VP, voice processing experts, an entrepreneur with exits to Microsoft etc.

The Problem: 

Current voice control solutions, require internet-based infrastructure and million dollar server-side investments like the new Apple Siri plant in Nevada which cost $850m. Voice is forwarded to these plants over the internet, processed by supercomputer-type equipment and the recognized voice is sent back as text. If internet is down, non-existent or expensive, such solutions cannot be used. Furthermore, internet connectivity to just control a light bulb increases the associated user cost.

Quantimetrica’s Solution:

Quantimetrica provides streamlined voice activation for any device with maximum efficiency, without need for internet connectivity and in any language. It can provide alternative software or hardware solutions when internet is expensive, unavailable or patchy with products that are low power and cost effective to deploy. Our solutions can easily be retrofitted in existing systems, are easy and fun to use. Applications in home and office automation, the hospitality and cybersecurity industry etc.

Contact details

Demos Doumenis,  Founder

Email: dd@quantimetrica.com

Website: www.quantimetrica.com

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