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Imagine to reduce your production cost by 40%,to monitor you hives whenever you want, to check your honey production from anywhere whenever you want. What if you can predict your honey production fοr next year? Wouldn’t be awesome? Well with Save-Bees all comes to reality. United by purpose, Save-bees is working on delivering high quality & intelligent apiculture solutions at reasonable price. Our mission is to assist beekeepers to improve their production method and reduce their cost.


We aim to improve the traditional way of apiculture, by giving the ability and the capability to beekeepers to control & monitor their beehives remotely while protecting them from thefts. Data from the devices will help Forestry Research Institute to further improvement of prediction model of melitoekkrisis/mellitoforias. Helping understand further the bees habits and protecting them from further extinction.

Save Bees’ SOLUTION:

The products of “Save-bees”, aims to improve the traditional way of apiculture, by giving the ability to beekeepers to reduce the transportation cost by 50% by controlling & monitoring their beehives remotely as well to have full protection from thefts, while improving the quality and increase quantity. Our scope is to create a network of such devices and an online database which will be beneficial of the beekeeping in general. Data from the devices are already used for research purposes.

Contact details:

Vyron Papadopoulos, Founder

Email: [email protected]

Nikos Antonopoulos, Co-founder

Email: [email protected]

Andreas Short,

Head of product development

Email: [email protected]


Georgos Garantziotis, Chief of Operational Officer

Email: [email protected]



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