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Every year hotels lose money and time because of the lack of an easy and quick process to engage with guests and prompt them to spend more during their stay. Tourismart is a mobile platform that helps lodge owners to offer their services on guest’s smartphone and manage requests on their tablet. Against competition it’s the only all-in-on mobile & cloud-based solution and serves the needs of a booming market. Only in 2013 hotel revenues were estimated to $2tr and mobile devices reached 2.3 bn.



Hotel guest face daily time consuming processes to use services, such as room service orders or reservations, leading to delays and bad quality of customer service. Hoteliers need to engage and prompt guests spend more on facilities during their stay, but to deal with guest’s requests they lose money and time using paperwork, multiple software to complete a single task or high cost and complicated PMS. The problem is that the process is not optimized for guests and it’s fragmented for hoteliers.


SimpleApps’ SOLUTION:

Tourismart is the first all-in-one mobile platform for hotels and guesthouses. Guests arrive at the hotel and have access to room service, restaurant orders and reservations, requests etc. on their smartphone. Hoteliers manage guest’s requests on tablet, alongside with bookings, clientele, expenses etc. Tourismart helps them serve more guests concurrently, avoid delays, reduce costs, promote amenities, monitor guest’s habits, enhance cross selling, be more organized and run their business on the go.



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