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Spotawheel is a trusted online dealer for used cars, creating great value for both buyers and sellers through our technology and unique business model. We secure our sellers with the highest market price for their car, while using it until it’s sold. Our buyers on the other hand enjoy an amazing virtual showroom with a large selection of hand-picked, certified, fully guaranteed used cars, that can test-drive and have them delivered at their doorstep, anywhere in Greece. Spotawheel’s unique low margin model creates value that we share with both sellers and buyers in the form of competitive pricing unmatched by traditional dealers.


1) Complete lack of transparency and trust on the used cars’ condition and practices followed by dealers/private sellers, 2) Fragmented structure, with >2,500 dealers and 80,000 private sellers wording under non-standardized practices or clearly defined legal framework, 3) Pricing inconsistencies due to dealers’ capital heavy operating model. The used cars market has been working in the wrong way for years, creating memorably bad experiences, scoring in the worst position across all surveys.

Spotawheel’s SOLUTION: 

Spotawheel is the first online dealership in Greece, redesigning from scratch the buy-sell process. Sellers get the best price in selling their car, while having all procedures involving condition certification, promotion and ownership transfer taken care of Buyers can browse through hundreds of certified used cars online, that can be test-driven or delivered at the buyers preferred location. Every car comes with lowest price guarantee, 6 months factory-like warranty and 7 days return policy.

Contact details

Charis Arvanitis,  Founder


Christos Zis, Co-founder & COO


Kiriakos Agadakos, Co-founder & CMO



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