StartSmart Greece 2015: “Pulling the String” by Steve Papa

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Steve Papa, Founder & CEO, Parallel Wireless; Cazena, Technology Ventures

Pulling the String”
Entrepreneurs are often asked how they mitigate the risk of their chosen endeavors. Today’s innovation-driven economy tends to breed a new kind of entrepreneur who is less concerned with exploiting commercial opportunity and managing risk and more driven solving problems. Problem solving becomes a journey of discovery that then leads toward the commercialization of a product or service.

Serial entrepreneur Steve Papa calls this process “pulling the string,” and in this session he looks at the changing ways people are engaging with each other to make things work better.  Learn about how the practice of problem solving is fueling the innovation economy and examine its impact on the global value chain.

Learning Points:

-Classic commercial entrepreneurship vas innovation economy entrepreneurship
-Leveraging opportunity in a mobile economy
-The pillars of entrepreneurship: infrastructure to automation
-The process is the destination

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