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StreamOwl provides Quality-of-Experience monitoring solutions for audio-visual streaming services in fixed and mobile networks, such as IPTV, Web-TV, Over the Top (OTT) and mobile video streaming. StreamOwl enables Internet Service Providers, Network Operators, and OTT operators improve the quality of the services they deliver to their customers, engage their audience, enhance the loyalty of viewers to their services and improve video monetization.

THE PROBLEMThe quality of video streaming services through the Internet can be affected by degradations due to network transmission problems (e.g. packet loss, jitter, delay, etc.). These degradations may manifest as video rebuffering, startup delay, and video loss or low resolution, which have a detrimental impact on the satisfaction of the viewers. Thus, network and video operators need quality monitoring systems to ensure and diagnose the quality and availability of their services.

StreamOwl’s SOLUTIONStreamOwl provides active and passive measurement probes (in software form) for real-time quality monitoring of video streaming services (IPTV, OTT, etc.) using Deep-Packet-Inspection techniques to analyze the video packets and monitor Internet traffic in order to measure video quality with a large set of Key Quality Indicators. The probes can be installed at any point in the delivery chain (from the head-end to the end-user) where there is access to the IP stream.

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Savvas Argyropoulos, Founder & CEO


Apostolos Karakousis, Software Engineer



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