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Independent Design Consultant


Professional experience

Tasos Karahalios is a product design engineer with 15+ years of experience helping both large fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups launch new businesses and products. He has spent much of his career working as a design director with IDEO, a world wide design consulting agency that practices user centered design across a wide range of industries. In addition, he has worked at a small German specialty sensor design firm named Fraba AG, as well as an independent design consultant. His areas of interest have been focused on
intelligent devices, medical products, consumer products, and transportation industries.

Today, the practice of designing new products requires an ever broadening set of skills. With the emergence of the internet of things platforms, devices are required to have a level of connectivity that was not common in the past. In addition, designing new product offerings, be they physical or digital, requires consideration of a wide range of topics including understanding the user experience, having a brand that is well represented by the product offerings, and often rethinking business models. Tasos enjoys challenges that include all
these issues.

He has received Red Dot Design, as well as the Medical Design Excellence awards and is currently named on over twenty patents with numerous ones still pending. His clients have included Ford Motor Company, Eli Lilly, Medtronics, SCJ Johnson, Omron and many others. During his career he has had the opportunity to lead design teams across the globe including teams in Shanghai, Munich, New Delhi, and Chicago.

He enjoys working on challenges that have both a technical component as well as a need for a new business strategy. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and economics from MIT and currently resides in Chicago, USA. In his spare time, he loves to travel to any country he has never been to before and enjoys studying foreign languages.

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