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Tesibit brings powerful performance enhancement to large-scale installations. The pioneering Tesibit SaaS platform uses Machine Learning and Advanced Process Control technology to continuously monitor operations, assess productivity in real time, and significantly boost the performance of the system. The cloud – based service delivers increase in daily production and boasts superior accuracy and intelligent operational autonomy.


In the world of applications the existing control systems act locally without dynamic behavior and are predetermined by the manufacturers. The results of those are low performance and gain because of the not proper functioning. Furthermore, via the internet of things and the internet of services new dynamic cyber-physical systems are created and according to the daily wear of the existing systems, the need of an IoT controller to perceive and adapt those changes is mandatory.

Tesibit’s SOLUTION:

The solution is built around a proprietary intelligent controller, created on cutting-edge techniques and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We perform sensor and parameter adjustments in real-time with high accuracy and efficiency. We use system identification method for perceiving the dynamic behavior of the applications and we provide a real-time control system to enhance results. Unlike existing solutions, Tesibit is readily accessible on the cloud and extensively customizable.

Contact details:

Vasiliki Ntampasi,  Co-founder & CEO

Email: ntampasi@tesibit.com

Antonios Arvanitidis, Co-founder & CTO

Email: arvanitidis@tesibit.com


Website: tesibit.com

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