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2nd Runner up of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015

Advantis (former tomoTECH) offers a dynamic and innovative cloud-based software service for the processing of 3 different MRI exams: DTI, fMRI & Perfusion. The main innovative feature of Advantis regards the processing of brain diffusion MRI (DTI) and more specifically the fiber tracking algorithm implemented which achieves extremely high accuracy rates (over 90%) in the final 3-D image, in contrast to the rest deterministic tracking algorithms of the existing software, whose accuracy rates do not exceed 55-60%.

THE PROBLEM: The main problem Advantis solves concerns the low quality of the MRI image processing result which could lead the doctor/diagnostician to misdiagnosis. Simultaneously, the existing software demonstrate unfriendly user interfaces and experience requiring more effort and time to be spent. Moreover, the existing software do not meet efficiently each client’s needs in terms of capital, human resources and volume of exams.

Advantis’s SOLUTION: Advantis provides solution to the main problem of low accuracy through the innovative algorithm used for the brain mapping, which achieves a 90% accuracy rate in the 3D depiction of the nerve fibers leading to a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe chronic diseases. Advantis is a cloud based software which has undergone numerous usability tests in order to achieve high level UX. Moreover Advantis offers personalized solutions to each client based on capital resources and volume of exams.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015

Zoi Giavri, Co-founder

Paris Ziogkas, Co-founder



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