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In the year 2017 everything seems to be one click away and the overwhelming trend in the tourism sector revolves around personalised, thematic experiences. On the other hand, the majority of activity/experience providers are still using traditional, off-line methods in order to manage their businesses and promote their services. Tooristas SaaS solution provides a holistic approach to the problem equipping activity providers with all the necessary management and distribution tools and thus, enabling travelers to locate and purchase such activities online.


According to PhocusWright 83% of activity providers and tour operators still use traditional, offline methods to manage their businesses and promote their services. On the other hand, personalized online experiences serve as the most important reason for a trip (TipBarometer, 69%). As a result, tours & activities industry remains an iceberg, while offline channels (agents, hotels, phone, in-person) still account the largest percentage of bookings in this largely fragmented segment of tourism.

Tooristas’ SOLUTION: 

Tooristas platform provides a holistic approach to the problem. From the booking management system with online payment gateway, to the website builder with reporting and analytics, and all the way down to the marketing and sales to multiple online marketplaces, including our own. All of the above services will have full functionality in all available devices with a focus on mobile.

Contact details:

Antonis Chalkiopoulos, Co-Founder & CEO


Andreas Kalaitzis, Co-Founder & CTO


Thanos Karantjias, Co-Founder & COO




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