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Nestcargo is a marketplace for cargo transportation. We help businesses find trusted carriers to ship their goods internationally through road, sea or air transportation in the most quick, efficient and economical way. Businesses save valuable time and money while searching for the most suitable carrier and transportation companies increase their revenues by acquiring more customers.We use technology to modernize the obsolete way the transportation of goods industry has been working for so long.

THE PROBLEM: The utilization index of trucks in Europe is around 70%, meaning that at any given moment every truck runs 30% empty. In the meantime, companies that want to move their goods follow a time consuming and therefore costly process to search for transportation companies, through endless back and forth e-mails and telephone calls. To sum up, trucks could benefit from finding additional shipments and companies can have a more efficient way to get quotes for their shipments.

Nestcargo’s SOLUTION: Nestcargo is an online freight marketplace (web application) where businesses can get instant quotes for their shipments from trusted carriers. 1. Shipper uploads freight 2. Carriers make offers and compete for the freight 3. Shipper chooses carrier based on price and rating score 4. After the transfer of the freight, the shipper rates the carrier increasing the quality of the service.

Live pitch presentation during the Finals & Awards Ceremony of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2015


John Marinos Papageorgiou, CEO & Co-Founder

Dimitris Andrianopoulos, Business Developer & Co-Founder



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