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WEPOLITICS is the first political social network, launched in Greece in 2015 and plans to expand in the rest of Europe. During the internet era, democracy and citizen participation have not been enhanced, despite the ease in the use of technology. WEPOLITICS gives everyone an equal voice and the ability to be heard! We provide a dedicated platform for political discussions and public consultations, offering real-time stats and analytics.

THE PROBLEM: There is no direct communication channel between Citizens and Elected officials. Moreover, people’s civic identity and political opinions are dispersed (and lost) among multiple networks and forums. WEPOLITICS aims to collect all these opinions and create a bridge between citizens and politicians.

WEPOLITICS’s SOLUTION: WEPOLITICS has built a social network based on questions that each user or organization can post. These questions are answered by the community and filtered by location and category, so they can be directed to the appropriate municipality or region. A politician can ask questions/polls to receive real-time feedback on his plans and the citizens can connect their voices to point out important issues that need to be addressed.

Contact details:

Vasilis Zoupas, Co-founder

E-mail: zoupas@wepolitics.gr

Yannis Evmolpidis, Co-founder

E-mail: evmolpidis@wepolitics.gr

Website: www.wepolitics.co

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