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According to S-Network Global Indexes LLC by 2050 untreated waste-water could contaminate one-third of global annual renewable freshwater supplies. WTI Greece has developed an innovative water treatment system that can make polluted water fresh with minimum operating costs. The system is compact, highly efficient and scalable up to a flow rate capacity of 1000 m3/h. This makes it ideal for future expansion to the maritime industry.



With the climate change and the increase in average annual temperatures, droughts are becoming more frequent. Moreover, production processes from oil refineries, mining industries and factories lead to increased pollution levels in the water table. The impact of such activities on the health of people is increased because toxic substances are absorbed by plants that are passed on the food chain. Our goal is to make the remaining available water sources drinkable and suitable for irrigation.



WTI Greece is combining products and methods from various engineering fields (e.g mechanical, aeronautics, marine, industrial) to develop a system that can treat water at high efficiency while keeping the operating costs and the need of interaction to a minimum level.



Georgios Michalelis, Co-founder

E-mail: gmichalelis@gmail.com

Dr. Dimitrios Mazarakos, Co-founder

E-mail: dimmazarakos@gmail.com





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