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work it is the new way of networking and endorsement in café, bar and restaurants. It offers the chance for staff to showcase their skills, for companies to find targeted personnel and get valuable customer feedback for their services and for customers to leave a tip in a new and exciting way. Our goal is to highlight the importance of well-trained personnel in the food and beverage industry.

THE PROBLEMThe problem work it has recognized is that there is a gap between business and finding mechanisms for suitable employees. There is no existence of a homogeneous long-range system in the industry to match personnel with catering businesses. Also, there are no methods to highlight the capabilities and skills of personnel working in the catering and HO.RE.CA. area. Finally, there is no opportunity or application for customers to express their opinion and to reward the services they receive.

work it’s SOLUTION: work it offers a) the opportunity to create a Professional Profile, specialized in food and beverage service industry, b) the possibility of direct contact with industry professionals, c) business opportunities with eligibility criteria, d) endorsement of human resources and e) services offered to consumers, through a specially designed application, tippy by work it, for smartphones.

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Michael Korkaris, Co-Founder & CEO


Thodoris Ntilos, Co-Founder & Sales Manager


Ioannis Frontzos, Co-Founder & Product Manager



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