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Winner of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016

Yodiwo is an IoT Application Development and Deployment Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider. With a disruptive technology for connecting distributed systems throughartificial intelligence services, the platform is used for creating applications in less than 10% of the time compared with other methodologies. Especially in verticals such as supply chain management for retail and wholesale, services based on Yodiwo’s platform have a profound impact in process reliability and resource saving which in some cases exceeds 70%.

THE PROBLEMA highly increasing number of Business Services empowered by IoT has created huge demand for SW development for cloud and embedded programming, mobile and desktop applications. While in average more than 18 man months is required to automate an industry process, we reduce this time by at least 90%; the same goes for the development and maintenance cost of Services, thanks to our code-free cloud platform that integrates Logic with SW and HW functions all modeled as drag’n’drop blocks in graphs.

Yodiwo’s SOLUTIONThe digital world consists mainly of network devices, Internet services and mobile Apps. We see all of them as “Sensor&Actuator Hubs”. We expose each single component of a hub to our cloud platform as a box with functional inputs and outputs. In addition, we provide ready-made logic which varies from simple combinatorial logic to advanced visual content analytics and by using modern graph technology, we allow development of Services by “connecting dots”, in minutes than months.

Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO of Yodiwo pitched live during the final judging round of MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2016.

Download Yodiwo’s presentation here

Contact details: 

Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO

E-mail: am@yodiwo.com

Nikos Kostis, VP Engineering

E-mail: nk@yodiwo.com

Website: www.yodiwo.com

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