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Amicapp enables users to record and report a car accident, through a smartphone or a tablet, following 5 simple and distinct steps: 1) Record the personal information of the implicated drivers and witnesses 2) Detect the accident’s location via GPS 3) Select from a preset of conditions in order to specify the liability. 4) Enrich the report with additional material (photographs, recorded testimonies, e.t.c.) 5) Immediately submit the report to the implicated insurance companies.



The basic problem that Amicapp is trying to solve is the outdated and insufficient procedure of recording and reporting a car accident. The current procedure affects several parties in different ways: Drivers: Time consuming, lack of disclosure between drivers, inconvenient procedure. Insurance companies: Bureaucracy, increased Opex, inefficient/inaccurate Data entry procedure, Fraud risk. Road Safety Institutes: Lack of reliable and exploitable data.



Amicapp provides a multidimensional solution to the three aforementioned axes of a car accident. In contrary to the existing procedure, the benefits of Amicapp are: Drivers: Fast, trustworthy, easy to use. Insurance companies: Digital channel of reporting, decreased human capital, Automated data entry procedure, anti-fraud mechanisms. Road Safety Institutes: Easy access to reliable and exploitable data.



Mark Karalis, Co-Founder

E-mail: [email protected]

Yanis Charkiolakis, Co-Founder

E-mail: [email protected]





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