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OpenIchnos comes to fill the security gap of the assets of SMEs in rental boat market. It provides an energy autonomous tracking system with SOS alert service, having worldwide satellite coverage. The team’s focus is on fleet management of the sailing charter industry, which we estimate as a 9 Billion market. Competition of existing tracking solutions fragmentary embed some of OpenIchnos’s characteristics but not all of them.


Rental sailing industry manages assets of high value, using tracking systems which need a power source and are limited to GSM coverage areas. Thus, neither have continuous transmission of their trace due to lack of power supply nor cover any possible area their assets may be.

OpenIchnos’ SOLUTION:

The team designed and manufactured a device with two key goals in mind:
-very low power consumption,
-and equipped with a non-toxic battery and a very small photovoltaic panel.

This makes OpenIchnos able to work for 60 days without sunlight and reach full charge in just 3 days of sunshine! OpenIchnos uses the Iridium satellite constellation for transmitting data, achieving true global coverage. Moreover, it embeds an emergency button, alerting the asset’s owners in case of an emergency situation.

Contact details:

George Koutras, CEO

Email: [email protected]

Themistoklis Kutsuras, COO

Email: [email protected]

Chris Xanthos, CTO

Email: [email protected]

Manolis Frantzolakis, VP Engineering

Email: [email protected]


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