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People with functional disabilities are extremely restricted by everyday’s environment, made only for standing persons while existing technology’s wheelchairs don’t offer them the
option to stand up. Laddroller combines an exoskeleton with a powered wheelchair which offers simultaneous manoeuvrability from standing position and posture adjustment without additional complex mechanisms in a light and solid package.

THE PROBLEMPeople with functional disabilities are extremely restricted on the existing technology’s wheelchairs. Their mobility is highly confined even in environments specially designed for them. They live in an almost permanent sitting position without the ability to use anything intended for an able-bodied person, not even a door’s handle, a light switch or an ATM. Existing standing powered wheelchairs are expensive, heavy and bulky products lacking the ability to overcome any kind of gaps or obstacles.

Laddroller’s SOLUTION: Laddroller is a hybrid of an exoskeleton with a powered wheelchair that, thanks to its differentiated design approach, provides to the user full and genuine mobility in real world enviroments. It is capable to support his posture at any point in the range between the sitting and standing positions, without additional complicated mechanisms. It operates easily from any position of his posture, without compromises. It is able to climb curbs and overcome gaps going forward, without acrobatics.

Contact details: 

Marios-Ermis Petrotos, Software engineer


Dimitrios Petrotos, Architect



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