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Wifins is a revolutionary BI & mobile marketing platform, that uses and interconnects Wi-Fi networks across consumer-dense areas into a managed location-based grid, in order to create an interactive & personalized media channel helping Brands reach consumers at the right time & place. Wifins platform is an app-less (no need to download a mobile app), telecom operator & mobile device agnostic means of communications with consumers, through the Wi-Fi networks they use, outside the office or home.


Wifins tackles several problems per involved party: Consumers need to – Get online without 3G and data roaming charges – Connect without looking for & typing passwords Venues need to – Ensure quality and security of Wi-Fi services (a) needed for their operational needs and (b) provided across their customers – Promote their content across their visitors and award loyalty Advertising Brands need to – Contact consumers at the “right place & time” – Optimize personalized retargeting.


Wifins platform enables – Consumers to connect to Wi-Fi networks outside their home or office at zero cost & high bandwidth – Brands with a means to broadcast & personalize their message across consumers connecting to the Internet, engaging them on a time specific, venue type & region criteria, as well as specific behavioral trends such as visiting frequency on certain areas or historical consumer visiting data – Venues with a means to secure bandwidth for their operational needs and visitors.

Contact details:

Marios Papadopoulos, CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Paidas, CTO

Email: info@wifins.com

Website: http://wifins.com/


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