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Agile’s first product, EyeQ, was built from 5 farmers and engineers for the farmers who want to apply the optimal amount of fertilizer and pesticide, in real time, to every inch of their farm and eventually make 15% more revenue than they do today. Our patent pending and scientifically validated solution, is a device which can be easily mounted to any tractor and is based on machine vision and learning, while collecting, analyzing and eventually given back in a simple visualized way to the farmer.

The Problem: 

Today, global farmers use a generic, static, broadcast approach to apply fertilizer and pesticides, ignoring the diversity of the growing conditions, including soil conditions and plant status. This results in not optimized fertilization, reduced yield, reduction in quality and loss of potential increase in revenue. Also there is no consistent spatial data available, to compare to other farm data of the region, to measure against “best practices”, resulting to not realizing the problem exists.

Agile’s Solution:

Using the EyeQ device, a tractor mounted plug and play solution, which is patented and which provides a customized real time approach, improvements include less fertilizer (-8%), higher yield (+12%), improved quality(+15%) and increased revenue (+15%).These empirical results are across 26 farms which were part of a pilot program, designed and certied by an official institute. Furthermore, all farm data is collected to the “cloud”, and is anonymized and “licensed”in a Big Data play B2B.

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George Varvarelis & Dimitris Evangelopoulos,  Founders



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