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Attorney, President SSR


Professional experience

Born in Athens in 1974, Apostolos Pontas spent his adolescent and school years in Amaliada in the prefecture of Ilia. In 1992 he pursued his Academic Studies in Law abroad in Italy having completed his Academic Studies in Law in Greece.

His Professional Career began in the early student years during which he worked as Manager of Stock Portfolios. Completing his Academic Studies in Law, he founded his Law Office in Athens in 2006 which remains active to this date. He has worked as a Lawyer on several important cases which have captured the interest of the Public and have gained extensive coverage in the Media. One such case was his involvement as an Advocate of the victims’ families in the crash of a plane belonging to Company Helios. He has also worked on well-known cases involving Criminal Law, as well as an Attorney of celebrities from the world of Entertainment, Art, Sport and Entrepreneurship.

His Law Office is active in the areas of Criminal Law, Corporate and International Corporate Law and Maritime Law. He is an external partner and representative in Greece of large foreign Organizations, in particular Companies based in Western Europe and the USA and as a Lawyer provides Quality Control Services with respect to potential Clients on behalf of Bank Institutions in England and Switzerland. He cooperates and represents several foreign Law Firms in Greece as a direct collaborator and Law Firms such as the ILS Group, the HUMBLE Group from London.

He is the elected President of the Organization for Safe and Secure Routes (SSR) which aims to address the phenomenon of sea piracyand is considered unique in Greece and Europe.
He has participated as a speaker at numerous Conferences relating to Shipping, Geopolitics Economy and the International Banking System.
He participates, as a member of several charitable Institutions, on Campaigns to provide assistance and relief on weak social groups.
He is married and a Member of several foreign Chambers.
Furthermore, he has operated as an Advocate of Consular Authorities in Greece, where he gained extensive experience in International Affairs through this occupation.

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