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Co-founder, Quantum Recognition

Bob Zhailchas

Professional experience

Bob Zailckas is a seasoned international executive with a 30-year global track record of consulting, establishing corporate strategies, providing professional services, sales, operational and program management, and entrepreneurial activities. He has demonstrated business success in establishing strategies and plans resulting in future growth and profitability.

Bob has a broad industry base, which includes software, healthcare, manufacturing, printing, aviation, bioscience, and high-tech. Bob has spent the past several years focused on the entrepreneurial environment, working with companies to develop business plans, locate funding, constructing license agreements, and recruiting.  His most recent endeavors have been in the areas of transfection cell technology, the processing of bio-hazardous waste, antimicrobial polymers, and the use of sensors for predictive analytics in a variety of markets.

Bob has significant international experience which includes extensive exposure to diverse business protocols, particularly in Middle East, North America, Eastern & Western Europe, Emerging Markets, and Asia Pacific.


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