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Conclify is a marketplace which brings together e-businesses and game developers. Conclify helps e-businesses increase their customers’ loyalty with crowdsourced gamification design. The e-business can host a competition in the Conclify platform, setting the specifications and the budget. Experienced game developers compete to deliver the best gamified concept. The best idea wins and is implemented. As a result the e-business gets in lower price a variety of diverse choices for games.

THE PROBLEMThere’s a huge problem which stops businesses from moving. COMPETITION. Competition becomes even harder because customers easily move from one business to another (lack of customer loyalty). Conclify can change that and make customers become loyal and love a business.

Conclify’s SOLUTIONConclify helps e-businesses increase their customer loyalty with the aid of games. People love playing games. Conclify offers to the e-business a variety of diverse choices for games to choose from, in lower cost. Games are mobile or web. Games are applied to the online shop, customers play and win credits which are then redeemed on the online store which owns the game, according to the owner’s convenience. People seek to play more for winning. The trade off for playing more is buy or bring friends.

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Nikos Larin

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