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There is a lack of storytellers approach in the market. We observe that while there are fantastic data analytics and data intelligence tools, the way to visualize them is the same. At the same time, we understand that 3D visualizations and storytelling helps decision makers to tell a story that will help them arrive at a decision. Datalization is a flexible, 3D Storytelling environment that helps decision makers to interpret data visualizations and build a story.


Being able to present data with a story is very important. Most quantitative analysts are not very good at creating or telling them. The more compelling stories are those that combine data and analytics. It is seen that analytical initiatives don’t have the impact on decisions and actions they should. It means time and money spent on acquiring and managing data and analyzing it are effectively wasted.

Datalization’s SOLUTION:

Datalization can allow anyone to create a 3D storytelling. Step1: Choose your 3D environment (office, stadium, city) as well as assets (sound, character, day, night) Step2: Choose where to place your POIs in the environment. Load them with information (html, videos, images, etc). Step3: Save your story, share it with personnel/department of your choice The story is VR and mobile compatible.To sum up, we turn to a timeless, highly effective form of communication but with a modern data twist.

Contact details:

Androniki Pavlidou, Creative Innovator and Product Manager


Dora Giannopoulou, Visual / UI Designer


Kostas Tsergoulas, Game developer, 3D environment



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