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Founder & Member of the Scientific Board, RTsafe


Professional experience

Dr Evangelos Pappas studied Physics in the University of Athens, Greece (BSc) and Medical Physics and BioMedical Engineering (MSc) at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

He got his PhD from University of Athens, Medical School. During his PhD he presented the first alternative 3D polymer gel MRI dosimeter and its introduction in radiotherapy.

Dr Pappas served as a clinical radiotherapy medical physicist for more than 12 years. During the last 4 years he is an Assistant Professor of Medical Physics at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece.

Dr Pappas has 36 scientific publications and 322 citations. In June 2014 he co-founded ‘RTsafe’, the 1st prize winner at the 2015 MITEF Greece Startup Competition. ‘RTsafe’ has revolutionized Quality Assurance in Radiation Oncology. Some selected RTsafe customers and end-users include: Philips, Brainlab, UCLA, Mayo clinic, University of Texas, The Royal Marsden’.

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