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Learning out of the box delivers playful personalized learning in a box, to help children, through interdisciplinary master-classes, enhance their creativity and critical thinking. We provide a gamified educational portal that serves as a conceptual social network where children can safely enrich their stimuli from early age. They learn to think out of the box and make a difference! We make education as you wouldn’t imagine! We change the paradigm and break on through to the era of information. We don’t make things easier, we make things matter!

THE PROBLEMChildren, most of the times, get a standardized education that can’t fit to their needs, especially those that diverge from the average. Learning is primarily about memorizing. It focuses on the acquisition of information and results from the industrialization. Nowadays though, in the era of information, it is not possible for someone to keep up with the upcoming data. It is more important for the children to develop the soft skills that will help them to process information than memorize it.

Learning out of the box’s SOLUTIONThe interests, capabilities and skills of each child are mapped through an assessment which helps us propose educational “paths” in a conceptual environment, providing in weekly bases a corpus, a video and tasks that have to be done. The children have their own evolving avatar in order to be motivated, we use positive psychology to engage them and parental control to make their journey safe. The differentiation allows them to express themselves and develop creativity and critical thinking.

Contact details:

Alexandros Papandreou, Founder – CEO

Aikaterini Kotsina, Co-Founder – COO

E-mail: info@outofthebox.academy

Website: www.outofthebox.academy

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