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Panelsensor is an engaging Q&A channel for all event stakeholders. A functional platform that has been tested in over 40 events in Greece over the last three months and trusted by companies like KPMG, IDC, MIT EF Greece and more. It’s a fast growing market (44% growth by 2020) where over 2 million events are taking place on an annual basis and over $500 billion are spent on meetings and events. Their vision is to create a social network and marketplace for event professionals.



The main problems of an event organiser are to raise money through sponsorships and to increase attendance so that his event will be considered successful. Futhermore event organisers waste a lot of time and money to generate feedback reports and evaluate events. The vast majority of events face time management issues during the sessions mainly because Q&A and comments from the audience and speakers exceed the scheduled time.


Panelsensor’s SOLUTION:

Panelsensor offers a unique event experience to the audience and at the same time creates an engaging marketing channel for the sponsors. The audience and the speaker can interact during the speech/presentation through instant Q&A and polls. Futhermore event organisers save time and money as the feedback report is generated automatically and can optimise time management. The content generated during the event can be used for post-event marketing and branding.



Sakis Triantafyllakis, CEO & Co-Founder


Manolis Kyriakakis, Marketing & Operations




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