Industry: Construction & Materials

2021 MITEF Greece Startup Competition

PCN Materials is aiming at leveraging the research results of the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, and in particular a series of patents on innovative photocatalytic (PC) nano-materials that degrade gaseous and liquid pollutants, purify waste, disrupt non-polluting and non-toxic odors and degrade pathogenic organisms.

The company is set to produce novel high-performance photocatalytic materials operating under the influence of solar and/or artificial (indoor) lighting, proved most effective both, on improving indoor/outdoor air quality (Indoor lecture treaters/meeting Halls, Hotels, Convention Centers, Schools, Universities, etc.) and on the disinfection of Bacteria, Viruses, Phages, etc at health-sensitive areas (Sewage treatment plants, Health Centers, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retirement Homes, etc.)