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Businesses lose $1.6 trillion per year due to customer switching, and traditional loyalty programs won’t do anything tofix this. QBRIQ offers a contemporary and innovative loyalty approach with a social, personalized, gamified and rewarding scheme, bundled in a unified and simplified mobile app. Businesses build better rapport with their customer base, measure engagement and detect trends and buying habits. Winning over the competition depends upon having a loyal tribe of happy customers.


Businesses either spend too much money on their loyalty programs for a small or even indeterminate result, or worse, cannot afford to have one. Traditional loyalty programs are expensive and based on obsolete technologies. Consumers don’t know how to win and claim rewards and they lose interest too easily, due to the lack of engagement features. Additionally, businesses don’t know the real preferences and needs of their consumers. An affordable, intuitive, one-stop solution is currently missing.


QBRIQ provides a customer loyalty and marketing solution based on mobile and web technologies. Businesses reward customers, based on their overall engagement, not just their purchases. The platform constitutes a vital communication and marketing channel able to engage and retain their audience by building a solid, socially interactive community of brand ambassadors. In addition, it offers personalized information to consumers and utilizes gamification and social media concepts.

Contact details

George Averis, Co-founder & CTO

Email: [email protected]

Nick Mylonas, Co-founder & CMO

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.qbriq.com/

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