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SentiGeek is automated cloud SaaS for customer comments analysis. It is based on ΑΙ technologies, language technologies & cognitive theory. It generates industry-specific results about brands, products, services & their features. SentiGeek also generates industry-specific customer profiles & personas using data from the analysis and other related info. It can predict sales or other parameters of consumer behavior. Experience SentiGeek, improve your brand impact and your products, and gain loyal customers.


There is huge and ongoing volume of customer feedback about brands/products/services in unstructured form either online or archived. Companies pay a lot of money for text analytics tools to understand what customers say. But they don’t get positive ROI . According to studies&articles, tools fail to “translate” big text data into strategic insights, lack specialization & customization, and have poor accuracy.

SentiGeek’s SOLUTION: 

SentiGeek processes customer feedback&generates accurate & industry-specific results about what customers say about brands/products/product features/services; industry-specific customer profiling including customer demographics, influencers etc.; customer personas based on consumer behavior, patterns etc. Identifies the significant features of products/services that influence consumer behavior. Analysis results are used to estimate sales projections, customer persona purchasing probability etc.

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