StartSmart Greece 2015: “Hardware-as-a-Service: An Entrepreneurial Journey” by Alfonso Perez

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Alfonso Perez, CEO, NVBOTS

Hardware-as-a-Service: An Entrepreneurial Journey

AJ (Alfonso) Perez leveraged a passion for construction to focus his studies on mechanical design and manufacturing processes automation. Follow AJ’s entrepreneurial journey from student to teacher to curriculum designer. Learn about how these activities led to NVBOTS in the burgeoning field of 3-D printing.

Although there were clear obstacles to 3-D printing adoption, such as the technology being difficult to use, the NVBOTS team saw a unique niche. See how AJ leveraged competitions, accelerators, a deterministic design process, mentors, and collaborators to develop the world’s first fully-automated, cloud-connected, 3-D printer.

As co-founder of NVBOTS, AJ will explain how the company delivers on its commitment to inspire collaboration and creativity to help tomorrow’s innovators bring ideas to life.

Learning Points:
-Leveraging competitions
-Building the hardware-as-a-service business model: intellectual property, manufacturing, supplier and logistics strategies
-Designing next generation workforce training to support engineers, designers and artists in 3-D printing
-How funding continues to fuel NVBOTS
-Next steps

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