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The hospitality industry has a 30% staff turnover, with an average hotelier spending 33% of revenue on labor costs. Therefore, recruiting, training and retaining personnel is one of the biggest challenges and costs for a hospitality company. With the majority of hotels being Small and Medium Enterprises, it is often unattractive for owners to invest in HR software. With no existing job portals focusing entirely on hospitality and offering at the same time services for the management of recruiting, Workathlon offers the solution by reforming the process of recruiting, training and retaining talent, with an all encompassing job portal and Applicant Tracking System created for the hospitality market. It allows the recruiter to manage the process online, create reports and directly store interview notes all in one place.

THE PROBLEM: Workathlon is trying to make hiring easier for small and medium enterprises in the hospitality sector, which comprise the majority of the industry, by giving a basic applicant tracking system, through which they can manage the hiring process. SMEs will hardly ever buy an HR software especially due to the seasonality, leaving HR managers with a pile of paperwork. Now all this process is streamlined online through Workathlon’s portal.

Workathlon’s SOLUTION: Workathlon being a portal exclusively for the hospitality industry, filters the quality of applicants by marketing itself to the hospitality professionals, having to signup in English (a basic requirement for hospitality companies) and creating for job seekers a profile that has a unified format.

Contact details:

Katerina Santikou, Managing Director


Konstantinos Santikos, CFO


Vasiliki Spilioti, Sales



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