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Moodgems is a selected video search engine acting as a web/mobile app & provides Video sharing to web users and specialized and on demand personal video text messaging to mobile usersin less than 60”. What Instagram is for photo what Pandora/Spotify is for Music we are for VIDEO. Moodgems targets the ever expanding global on line and mobile video market and the global social media market.

THE PROBLEMThe current video engines do work mostly as big storage platforms (You Tube) and/or generic video houses (Vimeo, Vine) without to be able to deliver categorized video/text messaging services focused on user’s emotions and connect effectively the web /mobile apps with clear B2B and B2C interactive services. Moodgems initial goal is not to displace existing subscribers in the value chain. Rather, to solve better the video delivery inefficiencies between the industry and current user needs.

Moodgems’s SOLUTIONMoodgems covers the gap in the direct expression of emotions and the ability to categorize user’s feelings and expressing them through short videos up to 60”. The characteristics of the industry provide a significant opportunity to do so. Extreme market fragmentation, large discrepancies, information asymmetry and serious inefficiencies in the current process all point towards the value added by a platform that facilitates real consumer needs of valuable we and mobile video data.

Contact details:

Vasilios Kallitsis, Founder

E-mail: [email protected]

Panagiotis Tsafaras, Founder

E-mail: [email protected]


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